Flower Meanings

Traditionally flowers have had a language of their own. In olden days when you gave a gift of flowers you were sending a secret message to the recipient. Some have kept that meaning – such as a red rose meaning love but many have long disappeared.

The traditional language of some favourite flowers

Central City Flowers, Christchurch

Anemone – Anticipation or sincerity

Aster – Elegance or daintiness

Cala Lily – Beauty. White cala lilies symbolise purity

Carnation – Pride and beauty. Red symbolises love, pink – I’ll never forget you. White – Pure or loyal love. Yellow – Slighted love

Chrysanthemum - Fidelity, optimism. White symbolises truth. Yellow – Slighted love

Daffodil – Rebirth, new beginnings

Daisy – Innocence, loyal love

Delphinium – Big heartedness, fun

Freesia – Innocence, thoughtfulness

Gerbera – Cheerfulness

Gladiolus – Strength of character

Hyacinth – Flower dedicated to the Greek god Apollo symbolising playfulness

Hydrangea – Heartfelt emotion

Jonquil – Love me

Larkspur – Levity

Lily – Purity, beauty

Orchid – Exotic beauty, refinement, femininity

Peony – Beauty, compassion

Poppy - Imagination

Ranunculus – Radiant charm

Rose - love. Red – I love you. White – Innocent love, Red and White mixed – Unity. Yellow – Jealousy, lost love. Pink – Perfect happiness. Rosebuds – Young, innocent love

Snapdragon – Graciousness, strength

Sunflower – Adoration, dedication

Sweet Pea – Pleasure, bliss

Tulip – Perfect lover

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